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This paper is designed for application with Commercial Heat Transfer Application Machines Only

                               This Ink Jet transfer paper should be Peeled cold.  Do not image this paper in any desktop color laser printer or color laser copier.

DO NOT MIRROR YOUR IMAGES. This is a film product that is imaged in an ink jet printer and then peeled from it's carrier sheet and applied to the garment. Your image will be right reading after application. Make sure you leave a 1/8" (.3175 cm) around the outside of the entire image. This border will be trimmed off with scissors. DO NOT PREHEAT YOUR SHIRT.


1. Set the commercial heat transfer press at 350-375 Degrees F. (177-190 C) and allow it to come to the set point.

2. After the PRINTED imaged is completely dry, trim around the image so that the color bleeds off the edge (should not see any white.)

3. Holding the paper blue grid side up at any corner, slightly stretch the film at the corner. The film will stretch and the paper will tear.

4. First peel the smaller triangle of paper off the film.

5. Next you can carefully strip the balance of the film from the backing sheet.

6. Position the image face (imaged side) up on the garment. Smooth out the imaged film and place a piece of the supplied silicone release paper over the transfer. Make sure the entire image is covered with the release sheet. Note: If you want a glossy look to your image place the backing sheet (blue grid imaged) shinny side down on the imaged transfer, rather than the enclosed release sheet.

Washing and Drying:

It is best to wait 24 hours before using or washing the garment for the first time. Wash inside out in cold water using mild detergent and no bleach. Remove immediately from the spin cycle of the washer and tumble dry. Do not leave the garment in the washer tub or line dry.