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                    Tips for Best Results  

                                           1.  Do not apply to dark color fabrics.

                                                         2.  Use 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend fabrics.

                                                                        3.  It is best to wash the garment before applying the transfer.

                                                                        4.  Do not image this paper in any laser printers or Color Laser Copiers/printers.

                                                                       5.  Allow the printed image to dry for approximately 15 minutes before transferring.

                                                                   Do not use a HP DeskJet 1200C or 1600C printer.  

                                                                   MAKE SURE YOU MIRROR THE IMAGE BEFORE MAKING THE TRANSFER.


                                    Commercial Heat Transfer Application

                                                   1.  After the transfer is completely dry trim around the image, leaving a small clear edge (1/8") around the                                                              image.                                     

                                                   2.  Set the heat transfer press to 350 -375F (177-19O C.) and allow it to come to set point.

                                             3.  Place the imaged TransJet II face side (imaged side) down on the fabric and apply for 5-8 seconds.                                                                                                  

                                                   4.  Peel the paper immediately. Be careful the paper may be hot.  


                     HOME IRON APPLICATION

                                                                                                      1.  It is best to do the ironing on a smooth, hard, non-porous surface.  Fold a pillowcase in half and place it                                                          top of the ironing surface.  Fold a pillowcase in half and place it on top of the ironing surface.  Make sure                                                           the ironing area is smooth and free from wrinkles.  Fold a pillowcase in half or double fold the T-shirt so                                                          area you intend to decorate is facing upward.  Make sure all wrinkles are out.                                                         

                                                     2.  After the transfer is completely dry, trim around the image leaving a small clear edge. (1/8") around the                                                                     image.        

                                                     3.  Set the iron to the hottest setting (cotton or linen).  Do not add water to the iron and make sure the steam                                                           setting is turned  off.                     

                                                      4.   Allow the iron to heat for 5 minutes before beginning to transfer.  Pre-iron the area with the iron for 10 - 15                                                            seconds to warm up the fabric.        

                                                      5.  Place the completely dry transfer you imaged in you ink printer face (image side) down on the shirt and iron                                                             the entire paper for 10 seconds to tack your imaged transfer down.

                                                      6.  Then place the iron in one corner or in the case of a small area over the entire paper.

                                                      7.   Press down firmly while slightly moving the iron back and forth along the edge of the paper for at least 30                                                             seconds.  Make sure the iron is in constant motion over the transfer.

                                                      8.   You should reposition the iron over a different area and repeat the step 7 (above).

                                                      9.   Continue this until you have applied heat to the entire image area.  For a 8-1/2  x 11" area, this should take                                                             approximately 2 minutes.    

                              10.   Remove the iron and allow the transfer to cool for 10 seconds.  Reapply the iron and move it over the                                                               entire surface of the paper for 30 seconds.  Make sure you reheat the entire paper.

                                           11.   Remove the iron and quickly peel the transfer paper starting at one corner, pulling rapidly before                                                    the heat dissipates.

                          WASHING AND DRYING

                                            1.   It is best to wait 24 hours before washing the first time.  

                                            2.   Wash in cold water with a mild detergent and no bleach.

                                            3.    Do not turn the shirt inside out before washing.

                                            4.    Remove the washed garment immediately from the spin cycle of the washer.  Do not allow it to    . ... .....                                              remain in the washer for any extended period of time.  Do not line dry.                

                                            5.    Tumble dry the garment using low heat.