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 To read about the 15 x 15 click here           GO WITH A PROVEN BRAND      STAHLS THE MAXX       SHIPPED FROM PA.

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THE MAXX 16 X 20

THE MAXX Clam 16 x 20
The larger 16 x 20 platen makes it possible for you to print larger transfers and jumbo numbers and letters on oversize shirts, fleece wear and jackets.  Ideal when you're printing football uniforms, sports warm-ups and large corporate jackets.

List Price: $1100.00    Free Freight within the 48 states.



                                                        .    14.5 amps

                                                        .    1750 Watts

                                                        .    120 V

                                                        .    Shipping weight approx. 104lbs.

                                                        .    Dimensions:  35" x 25" x 22"


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