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Heat Transfers


  We offer stock heat transfers wholesale, blank unprinted t-shirts, and  inkjet heat transfer paper.  These screen printed, ready to press plastisol heat transfers are also referred to as t-shirt heat transfers, iron on heat transfers for t-shirts, iron on t-shirt heat transfer designs.  These products are in stock allowing us to offer same day shipping, in most cases, upon receiving your order.   We offer the best heat transfer designs in the industry.  Heat transfers are available by the piece or by the dozen,  with a minimum order of $25.00.   Please go to the Products page to see these.  The price to the right of the transfer number is the piece price if ordering one dozen of that transfer.  For prices less than one dozen per transfer design, please refer to the top of the page.  We do not do any custom transfer printing.  

                  Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions please contact us. We are looking forward to working with you offering great service, great transfers and great prices.  Click here for heat transfers,    t-shirts-blank unprinted,  inkjet papergeneral information.   ALL HEAT TRANSFERS SOLD ON THIS WEBSITE REQUIRE A HEAT TRANSFER MACHINE FOR APPLICATION.   DO NOT USE A HOUSEHOLD IRON.    


 To the memory of Kamalakannan Nallamuthu {Kamal}.  Without his knowledge, patience, understanding, and great friendship, this site would not exist.  We mourn his untimely death in an automobile accident at the age of 29 on December 19th, 2003.  He received great happiness in helping others.  Kamal will be missed by each person fortunate enough to have known him, and our lives are better for having known him.


                               You may also click on the product categories which are listed below:   Stock Heat Transfers Wholesale.

Animal Transfers

Biker/Chopper/Choppers Transfers

Cat Transfers

Car/Truck/Automobile Transfers

Deer Transfers

Dixie Classic Heat Transfers

Dixie Traditions Heat Transfers

Dog Transfers

Ethnic Transfers

Extreme Transfers

Fall & Halloween Transfers 

Family Review Transfers

Far East Transfers

Fishing Heat Transfers

Floral Transfers

Funny Transfers

Gaming/Bingo/Texas Hold Em Transfers

Gothic Heat Transfers

Horse Heat Transfers

Inspirational/Christian/Religious Transfers

Junior & Teen Transfers

Lighthouse Transfers

Mardi Gras Transfers

Miscellaneous Transfers

Native American Transfers

Novelty Transfers

Occupation Transfers

Patriotic/Military Transfers

Rebel Heat Transfers

Red Hat/Pink Hat Transfers

Rhinestone/Studded Transfers

Sassy Chicks Heat Transfers

Southern Heritage/Rebel/Dixie Transfers

Sports Transfers

Top Dawg Transfers

Underwater/Beach Transfers

Western Rodeo

Wildlife Transfers

Winter/Christmas Transfers

Youth/Children/Kids Transfers

Inkjet Transfer Paper

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